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Demo was neat and the full game sounded promising; has the project been scrapped or is it just on hold?

when is the game going to fully realse and are you going to have to pay?

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So far I love this game I made a playthrough of it and I like it I hope to see a menu and Fullscreen mode and more stuff in the full version. I have made a Video about it so if you want to then, you can watch it here.


Any update on the full release of this game?

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Did a playthrough of the demo! Loved it and hope to see a lot more of it. I will have to preorder it!

You can go again to a location you have already visited and it loop

At the Vivian part, there seems to be a loop of the dialogue.

Also during the Vivian scene, I am not sure if it is intentional or not, but she seems to not express herself by changing sprites as much as the other girls.